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F&E PaymentPros began in 1914 as the F & E Check Protector Company.

Founders Mr. Fesler and Mr. Evans obtained exclusive rights to be the national distributor and service center for an innovative new technology created by Herbert R. Hedman. Mr. Hedman was a pioneer in protecting draft documents from the then common crime of forgery. His flagship product was the first check protector—a device that wrote out a complete, legal dollar amount with Arabic numerals—in a patented process that shredded and macerated the numerals with indelible ink into the fibers of the check stock. In ingenuously produced tamper-proof documents in an efficient, consistent manner and became a popular device in businesses and banks across the USA.

1920 F & E Check Protector Company

F E Check Writer 1920

Building on that tradition of innovation, F&E PaymentPros has been an early adopter of the continual advancements in fraud protection, eventually expanding into the areas of account billing and receivables. Today, we're a full service firm, helping simplify and speed-up the financial operations of governmental, non-profit and for profit organizations.

Using automated technologies to reduce the burden on in-house staff, F&E helps you deliver superior service to your customers. We understand you're up against increasing costs, yet have fixed or shrinking budgets. Interfacing with your existing accounting systems, we streamline the entire billing and collection process—covering payment transactions from traditional mail and in-person to the latest self-service, electronic and online methods.

Our comprehensive offering of office services includes Document Imaging and Management, Data Management, Document Shredders, Shredding Services, Currency Counters and many other time and money saving methods. We also provide expert device maintenance and repair.

Milestones Since Our Founding in 1914

Check Protector Machines

Check Signing Machines

Perforating Equipment

Time & Date Stamping Machines

Check Encoders

Continuous Feed Check Signers

Fold-N-Seal Checks

MICR Printed Checks

ACH Debits & Credits

Online Payments

Check 21 & Check Imaging

Digital Remittance Processing

Self-Sevice Payment Kiosks

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