General Office | Document Destruction


A critical component of keeping confidential information secure is the timely destruction of documents and storage devices containing such information when they are no longer needed.

While paper use has declined in North America, our region still consumes more than four times the world's average annual consumption per capita (1). Much of this paper has information on it that others can profit from. To keep profiteers from diving through your trash and costing you money, heartaches and headaches, shredding is an effective and practical means of protection.

Shredding of paper typically is accomplished in-house or by outsourcing the task. Which is more practical for any given situation is dependent on a number of factors:

• Frequency of items needing to be shredded
• Quantity of items needing to be shredded
• Number of locations needing to be accommodated
• Level of security desired for document destruction
• Potential cost of an information leak
• Organization’s desire to be “green”


F&E PaymentPros provides a wide variety of shredder options for internal document destruction — whether the documents are credit cards, driver's licenses, paper or even hard drives. We also offer shredding services through a partnership with a shredding organization that is dedicated to the vocational training and employment of individuals with developmental disabilities.

In-house shredding provides the best and timely destruction of confidential information.

Upon determining a document's useful life has been reached, it can be immediately shredded to a security level of 2 to 6 (see our white paper) instantly. Today's commercial-duty machines are quiet, robust, low maintenance and long lasting.

Outsourcing shredding is particularly attractive when there are large quantities of documents to be destroyed, either cyclically or as needed.