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Refer a peer and earn F&E PaymentPros Dividend Dollars for your organization or business.

F&E PaymentPros Dividend Dollars | F&E Payment Pros

If your referral leads to a transaction with F&E, then your organization will be rewarded for that referral in the form of F&E Dividend Dollars — cash discounts that can be applied to any purchase or payment with F&E PaymentPros.

This results in a 3-way win:

Your peer gets improved efficiencies and securities while reducing costs

You get additional savings on purchases

...and F&E gains a new family member!

We appreciate your trust and confidence in us and value our relationship with you. To make a referral, please fill out the form and submit. Thank you.

F&E PaymentPros has both Vendor Referral and Agent programs available. Contact the Pros for details »

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