Non-profit financial receivables services from F&E PaymentPros

Non-profit organizations are under increasing pressure to operate with greater efficiency and transparency.

Our cost-efficient solutions help streamline payable and receivable functions, reducing staff workloads and increasing fraud protection. We can help you automate billing, payroll, donation requests and collection.

To expedite receipts, F&E PaymentPros has an array of technologically advanced systems enabling staff to receive, post and deposit receivables in 60% to 80% less time, more securely than ever before. Envision not only having payment data, but also images of those payments immediately available. And our solutions work with your existing accounting systems to make implementation smooth and pain free.

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Colleges & Universities
Advancement & Foundations
Hospitals, Insurance & Share Plans



Benefits Include:

• Significantly enhanced research tools
• Detailed audit trails
• Potential annual audit savings, due to instantaneous research capabilities

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