Outsourcing | Full Accounts Receivable


“I lost my bill”

“The check is in the mail”

“I paid on check #123 on July 7…”

“I can’t pay my water bill because I haven’t gotten paid yet”

“I will gladly pay you Tuesday for my taxes today…”

“How much do I owe? Can I pay online?”

Online bill presentment and providing a practical and secure online payment alternative is now becoming expected by your customers. But there are hundreds of options available, with a confusing matrix of costs along with transactional and hidden fees. Absorbed model, convenience fee model, blended, flat or percentage based fees... Which is the best one for your organization? F&E PaymentPros knows the industry and the market. Let the PaymentPros analyze your needs and requirements — we will help you provide the answers even before they become questions... or excuses.

F&E Payment Pros provides the fast and efficient, practical and secure solutions.

Being due for services provided, you have heard all of the excuses. Let F&E PaymentPros help you address them, if not eliminate them.