Processing In-House | Digital Accounts Receivable


Increasingly, more companies and organizations are processing receivables, even large volumes, in-house.

Doing so saves the organization money, puts knowledgeable personnel to the task, allows for high-levels of quality assurance, and provides for higher levels of customer service. This demand is met.

One solution meeting this demand is Digital Accounts Receivable — or remittance processing — which uses new technologies and 2001 Federal legislation allowing for the electronic processing of all US draft instruments (aka: checks) thanks to Check 21.

Another solution meeting this demand is the automated processing of those bothersome online bill-pay or aka: Online Bank Checks.

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“...we saved over $27,000 in bank fees in our first year alone after implementing F&E's system. Savings in excess of the entire one-time cost of the system.”

— Treasurer, Allen County, Indiana