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We help utilities control costs in a variety of innovative ways.

On the payables side, we make it easy and efficient to collect money via a wide array of methods, both traditional and electronic. Imagine freeing up 60% to 80% of the time your staff currently spends processing receivables. Envision instant access to payment data, complete with payment transaction images for use when answering customer questions. And our solutions work with your existing accounting systems to make implementation smooth and pain free.

Benefits include:

• Significantly enhanced research tools
• Detailed audit trails
• Potential annual audit savings, due to instantaneous research capabilities

We’ve helped thousands of organizations during our 100-plus years in the business. Find out what our expertise can do for you.

Our solutions simplify repetitive large volume billings through automation, freeing up your staff for other tasks.



Financial services for water, sewer, recycling, wast disposal, phone and cable TV providers

Water & Sewer
Recycling & Waste Disposal
Telephone & Cable TV Utilities Services



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“We recently purchased and implemented the Digital Check Processing and Imaging solution provided by F&E. It has been an excellent work processing solution giving us the opportunity to process our payments more quickly and providing us with the ability to maintain checks and payment stubs electronically…this should reduce our banking costs and provide better control of cash flow. We definitely recommend F&E for work processing solutions.”

— Kathie Edwards, Scioto County Regional Water District, Ohio

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