Outsourcing | Billing


When you need to send your billing functions out of house, we’re here with seamless, comprehensive service.



Automated billing service


Technology continues to make routine processes automated at a cost more and more attractive to lower volume participants. Mailing is one function that has been positively affected.

Printing, sorting, folding, stuffing and sealing can be automated for relatively low volumes at economical prices. For higher volumes, postal coding and sorting to take advantage of discounted postal rates can also be justified with short return on investment.

Email billing service


As printing costs, labor costs and postal rates continue to climb, increasingly, billers are looking to send invoices electronically, largely eliminating all costs associated with this line item on the General Ledger Expense category. Sending an invoice via email to your customers can save a sunk cost to a small utility easily $10,000 to $50,000 a year. F&E PaymentPros has tools to automate this process while tracking those that need physical bills mailed. By eliminating per-item costs, your savings will only grow.

Customers view bills online


Enable customers to view bills online, further reducing the costs to invoice while reducing repetitive phone calls to the office for account status. With a hosted data environment, F&E PaymentPros enables clients to present online the current statement of account. With automated electronic notification of outstanding balances, your customers will have one less reason they have not paid you.