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We enable municipalities to meet and exceed state auditor requirements with secure check printing and signing systems.

Positive Pay, electronic payment with email notification and traditional check printing and signing are all handled seamlessly. To expedite receipts, F&E PaymentPros has an array of technologically advanced systems enabling staff to receive, post and deposit receivables in 60% to 80% less time, more securely than ever before. Envision not only having payment data, but also images of those payments immediately available to answer customer questions. And our solutions work with your existing accounting systems to make implementation smooth and pain free.

Benefits include:

• Significantly enhanced research tools
• Detailed audit trails
• Potential annual audit savings, due to instantaneous research capabilities

We’ve helped thousands of organizations during our 100-plus years in the business. Find out what our expertise can do for you.

Cities and Townships appreciate our help in streamlining the processing of large volumes of payments and reducing the burden on In-house staff.



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“By using the check scanning software process, this eliminates all of the previous steps and saves us at least 50% of the time with fewer errors…allows us to look up checks for customers right away…the software is very user friendly…the Auditors are very impressed with the data provided and it also speeds up their process and saves additional cost to the City in terms of hours being billed. The City of North Canton would be proud to recommend F&E to any company.”

— Finance Department, City of North Canton, Ohio

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