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Our goal is to help reduce your cost of paying bills.



What is the best way to pay your suppliers? We help you make sense of the growing array of payables options. As paper checks become less popular and electronic methods take their place, the question is: which methods are best for your bottom-line? How can you reduce labor and fees while increasing accuracy, accountability and profitability? What about the rising costs of mailing and concerns about fraud?

With access to hundreds of strategic tools we can:

• Determine a financially advantageous mix of payment options
• Lower the cost of printing, signing and mailing paper checks
• Ensure accurate payment amount is processed each time
• Minimize payment delivery time
• Maintain security in the payment process


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“I am so pleased that we no longer have to find a board member to sign checks; F&E PaymentPros has made the check-signing process so efficient!”

— Business and Operations Manager, Birchard Public Library