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We understand the unique challenges County Treasurers face.

You're up against increasing costs, yet have fixed or shrinking budgets. Interfacing with your existing real estate revenue system, we streamline the entire real estate and manufactured home tax collection process — covering payment transactions from traditional mail and in-person to the latest self-service, electronic and online methods.

We help you:

• Better manage semi-annual or quarterly spikes in payment volumes
• Meet growing constituent expectations to maintain traditional services while adding new electronic options
• Achieve extreme accuracy in quickly posting payments to the proper parcels

Our customized solutions help simplify and speed-up your financial operations, reducing the burden on in-house staff labor, while delivering superior service to your residents.



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“Our old scanning method allowed us to scan checks and payment coupons but did nothing more…with our new system, we get our archived image, an electronic posting file is created and our checks are transmitted electronically to the bank and the indexing is done for us. We are saving several work hours per month… I would be remiss if I didn't tell you how much we appreciate your service after the sale…the training and answers to all our questions has been a real help to our busy office…thank you for a product that actually met the hype.”

— Susan Orth, Allen County Treasurer, Indiana

“…F&E PaymentPros has always been there ready to help. We certainly appreciate the priority your staff has given certain projects of ours… you and your staff have always been very approachable…”

— County Treasurer, Fairfield County

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